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The Princess Cecille

Upon entering, you will be greeted by a spacious room with attached bath. The bath is equipped with a heated floor, small Jacuzzi bathtub.

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The Sir Charles

Arguably one the most original parts of the house. The Sir Charles’ woodwork remains unpainted and intact, and has a more masculine feel than our other rooms. Private bath with shower located in the room.

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The Grand Duke

The Grand Duke is the master suite of the Leonard at Logan, Just as it was nearly 100 years ago, the master suite’s original built in cabinets are fully operational. In the bath, you will find the original 101 year old sink and tub.

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The Baroness

The most secluded room at the Leonard at Logan, The Baroness is situated in the the old servant’s quarters. With unique views of the house and a bathroom over looking the back yard, the Baroness is perfect for the individual or couple looking to escape from it all.

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The Lady Ann

This room features the Leonard at Logan’s most grand bathroom arrangement. Heated floor and original antique sink. Turn to the right and you will see your walk in double-headed shower, complete with a marble bench.

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Tucked away in the back corner of the house, The Baron with a queen bed is located in the old servant’s quarters.Charming and elegant, the Baron is perfect for the individual, couple, looking to escape from it all.

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King's Keep

Located on the third floor, the Kings Keep is an impressive suite with a large seating area and King size bed with heated bathroom floors.This a great room for two love birds to enjoy and be private.

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Knights Quarters

Also Located on the third floor, the Knights Quarters is a cozy room with Twin beds that makes this room perfect for 2 family members or 2 friends looking to get away. The bathroom is detached right down the hall with heated floors and the original sink and tub from 101 years ago.

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