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The Staycation Necessity

A staycation at the Leonard at Logan House B&B sounds like the perfect way to recharge and enjoy some relaxation without the hassle of traveling far. In fact, many of our guests at the Leonard at Logan House B&B are locals choosing an inexpensive, retreat to refresh and reinvigorate. With cozy amenities like soft couches, fireplace, and a 24/7 snack porch, there's plenty to enjoy without even leaving the premises.

A Woman reading on the couch next to the fireplace

Plus, you have the added bonus of being close to downtown Grand Rapids. You can choose the numerous shops, restaurants, and coffee shops within walking distance if you feel like venturing out.

Imagine, walking hand in hand exploring the architecture of Heritage Hill, the former homes of US Senators, the boyhood home of President Ford, and even the home of Mr. Herpolsheimer of "Polar Express" fame.

Tasty looking pastries on a plate with raspberries

The staycation is a great way for you to reconnect with your significant other, escape reality for a day or two, or simply create space to breathe. Say, Yes, to your well deserved Staycation!

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